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Getting Connected

January 20, 2011 in About

Getting Connected

ConnectedHow do you become a part of the community that is Trinity Church so that it’s your new ‘home’, where you can feel you belong and participate? It may be helpful to see it as three parts of a natural (and supernatural!) process. It’s a bit like dating, engagement and marriage!

1. CONTACT: Trinity as an open community

Trinity Church has ‘fuzzy edges’. Its main events are open to everyone and you may soon begin to feel ‘at home’ wherever you’re at in your journey. Here’s some points of contact to get started.

2. CONNECT: Trinity as intentional community

Trinity are exploring new ways of engaging in intentional community to help us explore together what it means to be a Jesus-follower.

3. COVENANT: Trinity as servant community

There comes a point where the Holy Spirit joins our hearts in a ‘covenant’ relationship and we ‘own’ our mission in a bond of mutual loyalty. It’s a covenant of servanthood in God’s kingdom.

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