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Meet Someone Magnificent

February 7, 2011 in Resources



STEP 1: The Real You

I want you to meet someone who is so magnificent and wonderful that if you were to catch even one glimpse of them you would want to fall down at their feet in awe! Who is it?

Well – and here’s the surprise – it’s you, the real you you’ve never seen before. If you could see your amazing self in God’s original design, and the destiny beyond imagination for which you have been made, you would think you had met an angel from heaven. Under all the false mess the real you is waiting to get out and live.

So how did the real you get lost? Where did this false identity come from? How come it feels that you fell overboard somewhere and chaotic waves are swirling around your head? What were you looking for in the first place?

Everyone is looking for love. Most ‘loves’ disappoint, but God knows everything you’ve ever done wrong, all your dashed dreams and sorrows, and he loves you intensely. His love is not conditional on what you have done. No human love is like this.

And then, everyone is looking for respect and significance – to be valued for who we are and to have a reason for living. But in this pursuit we all do stupid things, and fall overboard into a general sort of lostness.

Jesus told a story about a son who asked his father for an advance on his inheritance, and he thought he’d check life in the hot spots. He squandered his true destiny as a son, and broke, broken, hurt and friendless, eating pigs’ food, he realised that everything he’d really wanted was in his father’s house. There was an unexpected party when he finally went home.

Today you can find your true identity and destiny at ‘home’, and the party can begin. Your ‘real self’, the one in God’s original divine design, is beautiful and exciting. It is found in relationship with God. To begin that relationship, take these 5 steps, and you will become his child by what Jesus called a ‘new birth’.

So Step 1 is realising God’s love for you, and that he has everything you’ve ever needed, and more than you’ve ever dreamt. Can you take hold of this love for you and say ‘YES’ to him now? Go on, do it! What have you to lose?



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