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Headway Online Series

January 21, 2011 in Headway, Resources

Welcome to Trinity’s updated



In the sixth century radical Christians on Europe’s most western shores cast themselves on the high seas in small leather boats, blown wherever the wind of God would take them with the good news about Jesus.¬†The same radical spirit of kingdom discipleship still blows through today’s cities.
Set your sails and get filled with the wind of God.

Trinity’s HEADWAY Online Discipleship Course is a day-by-day 26-week self-study course in radical Christian discipleship.
Headway is in three stages, each presented as a series of weekly themes and daily topics:

  • Welcome Aboard (4 weeks):
    first stage of the journey in the kingdom of God
  • Making Headway (11 weeks):
    taking hold of the values of the kingdom of God
  • Ship’s Mission (11 weeks):
    declaring and demonstrating the kingdom of God
  • The course may be viewed online as a series of PDFs or printed out.
  • The entire course is free. Be blessed!
  • You may e-mail Headway Online to let us know how you’re doing or to ask questions.
  • Headway may also be used in small groups.
  • World-wide access of course!

“I know of no discipleship tool that is as thorough, as biblically insightful, as radical, and as practically helpful as Headway.”
Dr. Greg Boyd.

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