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January 21, 2011 in Uncategorized


If you said ‘NO’ or ‘NOT YET’

There may be several reasons why you might not have felt you could say ‘Yes’ today. If you have an honest intellectual question about Christianity, check on Amazon for Dr Gregory Boyd’s Letters From a Skeptic or Dr Alister McGrath’s brilliant Twilight of Atheism. Or you might consider attending an introductory Alpha course in your area. Or just start reading the Gospel of John.

Perhaps at this point you don’t have a particular sense of need at all. Keep this page bookmarked for the ‘pigfood’ days! But let me be bold and direct. Please reconsider Jesus. He is the one in whom hope, wholeness and eternal life is found, as testified by the current worldwide expansion in Christianity. It would be remiss and cowardly of me not to say to you that Jesus warns (with compassion) of a coming time when we will all give account to God, and that there is eternal lostness, a ‘second death,’ for those who refuse to grasp God’s lifeline, as well as eternal life and unimaginable personal freedom and wholeness for those who do. Thank you for reading this far. I am sure it indicates a longing in your heart. I hope we meet one day.

Meet Someone Magnificent was written by Fergus Ryan

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